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About FD Services

Fabian Dueñaz is the CEO and founder of FD Services. He was born and raised in the Coachella Valley, and takes pride in being a local. After his father passed, Fabian wanted to somehow keep his father's spirit of being a business man with him.

In 2008, he found his niche in customer service as a golf attendant at Indian Ridge Country Club. After working at Indian Ridge for a couple of seasons, he became very well liked among the members and was asked to drive and assist them during off hours.

In 2013, with some insight from a close friend he thought this would be a great business avenue. Thus, Fabian started his own personal concierge service and FD Services was born. He reached out to the members he had helped over the years to build his clientele. Once the members found out about the business, they loved it. Fabian is grateful to all the members who supported him and became clients. FD Services could not have become what it is today without their help.

FD services started with only 25 clients and now has over 250. It strives to provide excellent customer service and to build relationships with clients, as most new clients are referred. Fabian strongly believes this business venture was a direct move motivated by his father.

FD Services is proud to say that they accept major credit cards and soon will be offering a mobile app to make its services more readily available.

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