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FD Services Private Drivers
Personal Driver
  • Airport drop off/ Pick up

  • Local trips to dinner/ Date Night

  • Doctor appointments

  • Vacation trips

  • Weddings, Formals, Prom

  • Special occasions/ Events

FD Services Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting
  • Daily visits or overnight stays

  • Feeding

  • Walking

  • Play and companionship

  • Daily accommodations such as: brushing or medications

  • Special requests such as: scheduled grooming or vet appointments

  • Other accommodations for client such as: watering plants, checking mail and maintaining a clean and safe environment in the client's home

FD Services Home Management
Home Management
  • Weekly or Bi-weekly home visits

  • Securing all windows/ entries

  • Monitoring A/C

  • Run water in sinks and bathrooms, run dishwater, washing machine once a month

  • Check for any noticeable leaks both indoors and outdoors

  • Check for pest infestation inside and outdoors

  • Check exterior of home such as: landscape maintenance, pool/spa and other contracted services

  • Water plants and check mail

  • Maintain golf cart care

  • Maintain car care

* Light golf cart maintenance includes: Check water levels once per month or as directed by client; check connectors for corrosion and to be sure they are all secure, check air pressure weekly or as directed by client. Complimentary cart wash and detail upon client's return.

* Car maintenance includes: start engine, drive car around the block once a week and check tire pressure. Complimentary car wash upon client's return.

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